Black Kids (Don’t) Hike

What is this we keep hearing about how Black Kids (Don’t) Hike?! We had a blast hiking the Little Brier Gap Trail in the Great Smokey Mountains of East TN!

Youth Organizing & Activism

Supporting Immigrant Children

This week we helped make snack packs for the kids of refugee and immigrant families passing through our city to get to loved ones after being released from ICE. We…

Arts & Culture Local

Greek Fest

Phoenix + Aspen had an opportunity to experience Greek Fest for the first time! We tasted traditional desserts such as Baklava and Loukoumades. We played games, learned traditional dances and…

Arts & Culture Local

Hair Out Loud’s First Home!

We’re so excited that our visual art piece “Hair Out Loud” will be on display at The Identity Project Art Show! this Saturday, April 21st from 6-8 PM at A1LabArts in Knoxville,…

Arts & Culture Local

Join Us at the Louie Bluie Festival!

We’re so excited to attend the community celebration of Howard “Louie Bluie” Armstrong this year. Our art piece “Hair Out Loud” will be displayed in the Judged Young Folks’ Art…