Phoenix + Aspen are creating a cultural exchange for kids!

Our Virtual Show & Tell gives children a platform to celebrate family and cultural traditions through video, writing, visual art, recipes, and digital media. The goal of the cultural exchange is to strengthen both sense of self and community. It’s all about highlighting how culture shapes the way we walk, talk, and experience the world. The cultural exchange models popular education, the theory in which everyone is both a teacher and learner with valuable knowledge to share.

Most of the content will be developed in person, through our Pop Up Series. However, if you can’t attend an event near you, the process to contribute to the Virtual Show & Tell is simple!


Choose a meaningful tradition or practice that you’d like to share through our cultural exchange. This can be a photo of your family eating a favorite holiday dish, a video of a traditional dance, or a story that has been passed down for generations that you’d like to share. Our only request is that you share original material and have the right to grant us permission to share.


Complete this form.


Ta-da! Once you hit send, we’ll review it and let you know how/when it will be shared out!

We’re so excited about building this Virtual Show & Tell to serve as a cultural exchange for children.